Shoot-Out Rules -- PDF

1.This is a team event, up to 4 anglers per team, per boat. Boat must be no larger than 28’.
2. All team members must fish from the same boat. Wade fishing is allowed.
3. All team members must leave in the same boat via Shotgun start from Gulfport Harbor. All team members must
return together to check in point at Gulfport harbor.
4. All teams must be registered by the end of the captain’s meeting (6:30-8:30p.m.Thursday June 28th, 2018 @
Chandeleur Brewing Company).
5. All teams must have a team member present at the Captain’s Meeting.
6. Entry fees are $100 per team.
7. Stringers may include up to 5 Speckled Trout. Each team may weight no more than 5 fish. All fish must be caught by a
member of the team.
8. Boats must leave from and return to check in point at Gulfport Harbor. Boats may only enter other harbors and/or
boat launches to fish.
9. In case of any emergency resulting in the immediate need to return to a harbor/boat launch other than Gulfport
Harbor, the Tournament Director must be contacted as soon as it is safe to do so. Your safety is our priority. For fish
to remain eligible for the tournament, an official report from any assisting agency may be required. Inclement
weather does not constitute an emergency that will allow fish to remain eligible.
10. Shoot out scales will only be open from noon until 6:00p.m. during the tournament. You must be in line at the scale
before 6:00p.m. to be eligible to weigh fish.
11. Fish must be weighed in by water at the Check In point.
12. All fish must be caught on rod and reel during the tournament hours. Fish that appear to have clouded eyes, milky
gills, harpooned, mutilated, frozen, etc will be grounds for disqualification. Weigh Master and Tournament Director
have full authority over eligibility of fish.
13. Teams must comply with all State and local fishing and boating regulations.
14. All fish weighed in become property of the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo to be used at their discretion. Marine
Biologist will be on staff and may take samples for research purposes and tournament integrity.
15. Each team is only eligible for 1 place. In the event of a tie, the first team to weigh in wins.
16. Each team may register for the Calcutta. Heaviest Single Fish Prize for an additional $50 fee. Team must register for
Calcutta at the captains meeting.
17. The use of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, marine radios, etc. to communicate
fishing/tournament information during the hours of the tournament are prohibited.
18. Tournament teams/anglers are prohibited from meeting up and or discussing anything tournament related during
tournament hours.
19. All anglers must conduct themselves in a sportsmanship like manor. Defamation of the tournament or other anglers is
grounds for disqualification from this tournament and all future related tournaments.
20. There are no boundaries for this tournament.
21. All boats must be inspected and checked in prior to shotgun start.
22. Sponsors are allowed to participate in the tournament.

RELEASE: At the request of the tournament director, weigh master, or MDSFR, all anglers are subject to a polygraph or any other test deemed
necessary to determine compliance with tournament rules to be eligible for a prize. If that angler passes the necessary test, the prizes earned by the
team will be awarded. If any angler on a team fails any necessary test, the entire team will be disqualified. No prizes will be award to anglers on that
team. The test will be given only once, and no contestant will be eligible for a second test under any circumstance. The decision of the test examiner as
to the contestant’s compliance with the tournament rules will be the final decision as the eligibility for any prize. Contestants agree to release MDSFR,
the weigh master, tournament director and all sponsors of this event from any liability arising from the administration of the test and /or the decision of
the test examiner. Participants in this tournament agree to release the MDSFR, weigh master, tournament director, and all sponsors from any obligation
for the using names and photo likeliness in promotional materials and/or video productions. All decisions regarding compliance with these rules and the
interpretation of these rules will be made by the tournament director and weigh master which reserves the right to make additional reasonable rules for
the conduct of its tournament if circumstances require. This tournament does not discriminate for reason of race, creed, color, national origin, and we
abide by all rules set forth in the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and retain sole discretion on acceptance or rejection of any application.
Rules Below
Shoot-Out Rules -- PDF
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