2017 Special Tournaments / Shoot Out Rules
For tournament information call:  228 297 1158
The  Special Tournaments Rules
These tournaments are separate from our regular "free entry" Rodeo.
Fish entered in these one-day tournaments are not eligible to be entered in our regular Rodeo nor are they
eligible for prizes. These special tournaments are for cash prizes only.  
The  Speckled Trout Tournament Rules  2017
Anyone found in violation of the tournament rules may be disqualified from this and all  future tournaments.
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All Federal, State, County and City Employees Speckle Trout Shoot Out
This a 3 fish aggregate weight free to fish shootout, seperate from general fishing tournament.
Must show employee ID
12- 8pm  July 3, 2017  Barksdale Pavilion.

   The 2017 Speckled Trout Shootout Weight in will be  12:00 pm. to 8:00 p.m. Monday July 3rd 2017.

      1   Fishermen are on the Honor System.

  2. All fish entered for prize consideration must comply with Mississippi’s
(State Fishing Regulations). Speckled Trout must be at least 13 inches in minimum length.
    Pinched tail measurement method will be used to determine legal fish length.

  3. Fish must be in good edible condition and properly iced. Fish must be properly landed. 
   Fish, which appear to have been frozen, loaded, harpooned, gaffed, mutilated, shot,
    cast/shrimp or gill netted will be refused. 
    4. All contestants will, in every respect, catch any fish offered for prize consideration in a  
    sportsmanship manner, obeying all rules and regulations of the tournament.

  5. There may be any number of fishermen on the boat, but each boat may turn in only 3 fish     
      for a total aggregate weight.  All persons fishing on the boat must be listed on the Shoot-
      out registration form. All fish turned in become the property of the Rodeo.

  6. Fish will be kept on display in the fish bins, as long as the fish retains a place on the           

 7. Scales close for this shoot outt at 8pm. Registered fishermen waiting in line in the         
     designated area when the scales close will be considered "on time".

 8. In case of a tie of equal weight, the first boat that enters fish will be declared the winner.

9. All decisions of the Weigh Master will be final.

10. Participants enter at their own risk. Neither the tournament, nor any person connected
     with the tournament shall be liable for any loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury to
     anyone for any reason.