From Captain Patrick Levine of our Marine Patrol.

Marine Patrol will be checking  for a range of safety equipment on vessels
this summer depending on vessel length.

First, we want to remind boaters that operators born after June 30, 1980 are
required to take a Boaters Education Course and provide proof if asked.

Anyone 12 & under is required to wear to wear a life jacket anytime they are
underway in a vessel less than 26ft in length. All occupants are required to
have a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that is readily accessible, the right
size, in good condition and Coast Guard approved.  The PFD must be
approved for the activity the boater is involved in.  

As far as the vessel, each motorized or sailing vessel is required to be either
documented or registered with the State of Mississippi and registration
numbers properly displayed.  

All vessels operating south of Interstate 10 are required to display a marine
debris plaque “Trash Sticker,” provided by the MDMR, and have a labeled
designated trash container on board.  

All vessels are required to have lights at night and during periods of
restricted visibility.

Vessels may be required to have a sound-producing device, fire extinguisher
and flares.  

In closing, it is illegal to operate a vessel under the influence.  Do not
operate a vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the owner to know what safety
equipment is required and obey all laws.  

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources |
Check weather report,
Life jackets
Fire extinguisher
Visual signals "flares"
Bilge pump
Drain plugs
Visual inspection of engine Hoses. wires etc...
Verify cooling water is flowing.
Inspect Prop
Inspect Cables  cracks swelling etc..
Anchor and line
Tow line
Tools  have a kit
Cell Phone charger "recommend power block"
Be aware of changes in wind speed and clouds

Remember if something goes wrong TowBoat US
is there for you.  1-800-391-4869 or 228-233-7879
1-800-391-4869 24 hr dispatch, Local 228-233-7879
Safety Check List